Mortgage Consultants Ltd. ​

Cynthia's NMLS # 28383​​

NMLS # 266154 - Mortgage Broker Recovery Fund

​ As professionals working within the real estate industry, Cynthia Brugge and her associates recognized the lack of information, education and choices available to the purchasing public and in 1982 they pioneered a new type of brokerage firm. This education has shifted power from the real estate and financial institutes to the consumer and helped to revolutionize the mortgage industry. In the 32 years since its inception, MCL has gained valuable experience and continues to be a trendsetter, implementing the most up to date technology, product, and service available in today's mortgage market. At the same time, our focus is centered on the needs of the individual client. We do not offer cookie-cutter mortgages. Each buyer is assigned an experienced loan officer who will counsel, discuss and advise the programs best suited their financial goals. Because of our longevity and excellent service, MCL is considered a 'premier' brokerage firm. This designation makes reference to the type and quality of loans produced by the brokerage office. Often the premier designation insures timelier underwriting or closing processes and may provide incentive in pricing structure. All of this translates to better priced loans and better service to the borrower. However, we are an independent firm, with no affiliation or ties to specific funding institutions.