Mortgage Consultants Ltd. ​

​We serve our customer with a grateful attitude reinforcing at all times the desire to please them and meet their needs.  We are committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations.

"One of the most difficult aspects of selecting mortgage is analyzing the options from a financial perspective in relationship to risk. Cynthia gives you the facts that empower you to make a good decision. Being able to make an informed choice is very important to me."Greg Brennemen, President Continental Airlines

​"We have purchased a number of homes in the past and dealt with lenders on each occasion, but we have never - until dealing with you - had a pleasant experience in obtaining a home loan. You handled our refinancing very smoothly … without the irritation, delays, and sometimes-rude treatment we have encountered in working with other mortgage professionals. We appreciate your hard work and wonderful service and would highly recommend you to anyone."Margaret S. "Suzie" Alford, Attorney Thompson & Knight P.C.

"I so much appreciate your patience in answering all my questions and the extensive personalized attention I received throughout both of our transactions. You went the second mile to ensure customer satisfaction … And when you said you did no-cost refinancing, you meant it. You paid everything, including the escrow waiver fee. I didn't pay a single penny, and I really liked that.Gary Fazio, Pilot American Airlines

​In the past eight years we have successfully completed several personal mortgages with MCL. In all of those transactions, you have demonstrated an uncanny knack of when to do a deal to receive the best rates and how to control the process so it happens quickly and efficiently. In short, you are the consummate professionals. I have recommended Mortgage Consultants Ltd. repeatedly to friends and business associates and have been thanked by them for doing so.Ben A. Roth, Managing Director Bear, Stearns & Co., Inc.